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شقق بالتجمع الخامس

العقارات في مصر هي واحدة من أبرز الاستثمارات في مصر، وهناك العديد من شركات العقارات الهندسية في مصر والحقيقة أن طبيعة مصر الجغرافية جعلت منها مكان مميز جدا، حيث أنها تطل علي البحر الأحمر، وهو من أجمل بحار العالم كما أن الطقس به جميل جدا، كما أنها تطل أيضا على البحر المتوسط، وتتميز بالطقس المعتدل أغلب فترات السنة.

Double Trouble final interviews

Double Trouble final interviews

The final push of interviews. It has been a blast to do all these, exhausting but fun.


Tale Chasing - download

The Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour - download

Inklings 2.0 - download

PodioMedia Chat - download

I Should Be Writing - download

ADD Cast - download

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan - download

Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war

Rally the Court, the dark goddess is not amused. The sometime pirate captain, Tee Morris has been on twitter making dismissive comments about the fact that his book Pitcher’s Pendant has over twenty reviews while my scribe’s piece Digital Magic has but fourteen. This cannot stand.

Those of the Court who have read the sequel to Chasing the Bard, it would please the dark goddess if you would review it over on Amazon.com. We cannot allow a mere pirate captain to lord it over the Fey.

The face of the bard

I don’t usually post links on the podcast website, but today is different. Today it was revealed that in all likelihood this is the face of the bard. Apparently this is the only known image of Will painted during his lifetime. He would be about 47 and look- he has hair! This is likely to be the image that all the other later images of the bard were copied from.

Somehow I think this is the face Sive fell in love with.

Also in the story you will see that they have uncovered the site of the Theatre (it’s actually called that) where Will would have trod the boards.